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Technical and CAD Authoring

Done for you Digital Twin

To accompany the Invisu product and enhance the service you receive, we are able to provide a full authoring of product and machinery documentation service to all sectors of industry.

Quality documentation is vital to an organisation's success and critical for your customers. The key to effective product documentation for equipment is 3D integrated communications. We provide fully interactive 3D maintenance procedures and spares catalogues that the user can easily understand without any previous knowledge of the equipment. This 3D communication offers an intuitive, knowledge transfer which eliminates the risk of information being misinterpreted as is common with traditional methods.

Document creation and upload can be a time consuming task. Our 'done for you' service can take care of the burden and assist you with moving to digital, so you can focus on the running of your business without suffering downtime.

Contact us and let us help with building your equipments' complete digital twin.

Process and Machinery Document Authoring

Quality product documentation is vital to your organisation’s success and critical for your customers. It can be applied to any industry for parts/equipment suppliers and maintenance/production personnel.

We can author:

  • O&M Manuals
  • Installation and operation qualifications
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance plans and instructions

All easily accessed from your invisu platform.

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3D Interactive Creation and Support Documentation

Utilising your existing CAD data we can author interactive 3D models for procedures, parts and training. The intuitive interface enables users with no 3D expertise to access key parts information, maintenance instructions, and assembly/disassembly work instructions.

With bar or QR codes, engineers can quickly get to documentation without leaving the production environment.


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360 HD scans and virtual walkthroughs of your equipment and production lines

We can visit your facility and create 360 degree HD scans of your production line and equipment. This will give you a virtual walkthrough of your equipment with all relevant links to assets within your Invisu platform.

  • Scan of the As Built equipment to provide a 360HD virtual walkthrough of the system
  • Individual sub-assemblies assigned an Asset Tag which is a direct link within the portal to the asset page for the associated sub assembly.
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Training documentation creation with 3D interactive animated e-learning procedures

Passing on knowledge within your organisation is vital. The solution; ensure knowledge is passed from one workforce generation to the next.

From more general training to the granular peculiarities of particular equipment, it can all be accessd through your Invisu platform. We can:

  • Create 3D interactive modeling for engineer training
  • Create training content and documentation
  • Create tests/exams to check an engineer's knowledge
  • Create a 3D interactive e-learning procedure where the end user can select demo/study/exam mode dependent on their learning status.
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