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High standards of purpose, integrity, culture and corporate governance have never been more important to us as we strive to provide positive outcomes. Our approach is a responsible way of doing business that also seeks to ensure we create an inclusive workplace and have a positive impact on society and the community.

We operate with business acumen at our core, offering commercial awareness and real understanding of the challenges facing businesses. 

Our Mission

" Help save money by reducing downtime on
manufacturing and automation equipment.

Our CSR Agenda

Our CSR policy is based around three central considerations




Environmental Impact

We recognise the importance of reducing our environmental impact regarding energy and waste reduction, including the encouragement of ongoing recycling, travel reduction and the use of raw material from sustainable or renewable sources. We actively work with our supply chain to look at the traceability of the materials and work with them to develop methodologies that reduce consumption and environmental impact as an ongoing part of our relationship.


We operate an almost paperless system and any paper that is used is recycled. Our server providers are working towards 100% renewable energy sources by 2026.

Consumption, Waste and Travel

Recycling is actively encouraged and promoted, along with a drive to reduce the number of consumables being used.

We actively reduce our impact on the environment by increasing the use of hybrid working. We use Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conferencing to reduce the need for employees to travel to the office.

Social Impact

As a responsible business, we feel that it is important to have a positive effect on society and the communities in which we operate and as such are proud to be involved in charitable and community initiatives. We also love to recognise the wonderful things that our staff do for their communities. We ask our employees to nominate those who they feel go ‘above and beyond’ both in their jobs and in their own time, whether by volunteering, fundraising, taking on community projects or simply helping others.

Everyone who contributes to charitable organisations and their community is a huge source of inspiration that personifies our commitment to building a better society.


Our employees are proud to support local charities by fundraising, volunteering and skills sharing. Invisu encourages any individual fundraising efforts shown by our staff.

People Practices

We know that it’s people who make places, which is why we strive to engage with our employees and clients with clear communication and understanding. We recognise how important it is for our colleagues to be able to spend quality time with their families and how this can support their health and wellbeing.

As a diverse and inclusive employer, Invisu recognises the importance of family. We encourage employees to spend quality time with their family and there are no expectations for them to work beyond normal working hours. This policy also extends to our clients.

Employee Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing During Covid-19

We recognise that 2020/21 had a huge impact on our business and our employees. Everyone has had to deal with the challenges of our new ways of working and this has highlighted the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance; taking positive steps to look after our wellbeing and being supportive of others.

Employee wellbeing is a key priority for Invisu and we’re working towards a workplace environment that encourages and supports a healthy work-life balance, offering a range of initiatives that can aid everyone’s wellbeing.

Workplace Risk Assessments

Considering the global pandemic, our employees’ safety is a top priority and in line with government guidelines, Invisu has undertaken a full Covid-19 risk assessment for its office and control measures have been reviewed via a physical on-site audit. 

Reduced Downtime
Increased Revenue

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